Klearnet Solutions is a proactive, flexible, affordable and well-managed company that upholds the honour, pride and effectiveness of the information technology profession. In keeping with high standards of competence and ethical conduct, it is committed to ‘service with integrity’ as it relates to all stakeholders and strives to increase the competence of the profession.
Klearnet Solutions is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and support to the ICT industry. We provide Maintenance and Service Level Agreements, Consulting and an extensive range of IT hardware components and software to, Small to Medium Enterprises including the Educational sector.
The nature of our activities places particular emphasis on experience, expertise, capability and reliability. We base our philosophy on the old principle of customer-oriented service combined with the latest technology.


Maximising client potential by minimising digital downtime.


Klearnet Solutions is a proactive technology partner for corporate and educational clients; focussing on providing consistent and reliable service and support solutions, we evaluate complex business and technology needs and communicate them in a simple and understandable way. We deliver client satisfaction with integrity, skill and care.


Klearnet Solutions is motivated by its core values which shape our professional business culture; define our personal character and guide how we behave and make decisions.  We embrace the following:


We are committed to be honest and ethical in everything we do, and at all times, with the community, clients, employers and employees. We deliver on our promises and provide exceptional service for our clients, always.


We provide products and services to match the operational and financial needs of our clients giving value for money.  We are aware of relevant industry standards, and act accordingly, respecting the proprietary interests of clients and going above and beyond in our professional capacity when needing to deliver results.


We are committed to never mislead and be transparent with the suitability of a product, service and estimates for projects; and give professional opinions which are as far as possible unbiased and objective.


We are committed to considering and respecting people’s privacy. We will respect all employees and refrain from treating them unfairly and seek to understand the workplace culture and diversity of our clients.


We are committed to encourage the continual upgrading of knowledge and skills to benefit our clients and uphold the professionalism of Klearnet Solutions. We will always recognise and celebrate our successes.