Company Profile

Klearnet Solutions provides both corporate and education organisations with a single source of professional expertise and the resources needed to streamline system management. Our experienced team provides the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions with IT support functions at an affordable price. Klearnet Solutions uses advanced processes, tools and methodologies, to deliver superior services that match your needs. You can choose from a variety of service plans that range from routine system maintenance and management to complete IT outsourcing. We will help you turn your data networks into an effective, efficient component of your growing business.

Our focus is to keep your IT systems operational, available and secure so that you can focus on the everyday demands of expanding your business, managing costs and increasing revenues. We are here to help you realise the productivity gains and ROI you have been expecting from your computer systems all along. Working with Klearnet Solutions is like having your own IT Department.

Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed IT services, Klearnet Solutions provides a range of proactive services designed to optimise your technology investment and maximise the productivity of your people and business.

It's not just about monitoring, that just lets you know something is wrong. And it's not just about remote access to your systems to troubleshoot issues. It's about a proactive preventative approach to IT systems management.

Our technology expertise becomes your competitive advantage

This is possible through the use of a series of "Best Practices" that we have developed over years of collective experience.

Best practices for tasks such as:

  • Managed Operating Environment (MOE) Administration
  • Spyware Protection and Removal
  • Virus Protection
  • Disk Drive Analysis
  • Security Patch Management
  • System Auditing
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • User Policy Enforcement